Jorge Jacinto

illustration - visual development


About me:

My name is Jorge Jacinto, and I'm a digital artist currently living in Portugal. I've been working as a concept artist and illustrator for  7 years. During the first years of my career I've worked in-house in the video-game industry, but later decided to go on the freelance path where I've been for the last 3 years. I have a great passion for cinema, video-game development, CG, and basically everything that involves creativity.

My work:

I work on Illustration and Visual Development where I specialize in the creation of environments within the fantasy and sci-fi realms. 
I've worked on both console and mobile video-games as a 2D artist and have created several illustrations for books, CD covers and others.
Some of the companies I've worked for include Blizzard Entertainment, X-Team, Axis Animation, Ironside Computers, Guter PunktSeed Studios, ImagineFX, The Void VR etc, along with a large number of independent clients.

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